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Frank Kabel
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Default extract list of names and elimanate duplicates

use a pivot table for this. See:

Frank Kabel
Frankfurt, Germany

"petty" schrieb im Newsbeitrag

I got a spreadsheet wherby i put my invoices and products from my
supliers in.

Supliers Product Total
Almond Fish 5000
Pierce Beef 2000
Almond Fish 5000
anton Beef 1000
peter Groceries 1000

Now i need to ectract the names to a sheet and total the purchases in
one colom

Almond 10 000
Pierce 2000
anton 1000
peter 1000

This is to check if my recons is ok. I have a months purchace on one
sheet. There is alot of duplicate names and some is just single
entries. I can do the lookup funtion on the name, but i strugle to
ectract the names to show list with no duplicates. Be so kind to

what your lookup funtion might be as well

Thanks alot