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Hi Andy

I'm struggling with a similar issue; My data is in the following format ideally I'd like to utilise the answer, but think I've hit the limit of my technical ability....any ideas?

Ans 1 Ans 2 Ans 3
WG1 0 1 2
WG2 2 1 0
WG3 1 0 2

Originally Posted by Andy Pope View Post

You could use autofilter to hide the rows of those with a zero value.
Or formula as described here,


Michelle wrote:
I have a pie-chart which refers to 50 rows of data. There are never any
more than 5 or 6 with any values, and the pie chart looks fine...
EXCEPT... the legend shows all 50 entries. Is there a way to tell it to
ignore (or not display) any entries that have a zero value (and
therefore do not show in the pie)?




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