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Default "Reliable" Hyperlinks

Hello, Everyone!

I'm an old guy but new to this forum, so please excuse me if I "clunk" in this process. Thanks in advance for your patience.

I'm not a complete newbie to Excel, but I've only ever learned enough to do what was necessary at the time, so I would tend to be more enthusiastic than knowledgeable compared to most of you.

I work in a biomedical support field and work with LOTS of mechanical and electronic parts. Due to a general lack of coordinated and organized materials, I had decided to create a quick-lookup database (of sorts) using Excel 2010. The first "page" (sheet) is a table of contents and each entry (for a piece of equipment) is a hyperlink to another page (sheet) that has quick reference data about the parts used on that particular piece of equipment.

Many of the part numbers listed on any given page are actually hyperlinks to PDF files (most just 1 page), so clicking the part number shows a picture with additional data about the part. All easy enough so far.

The Excel workbook is on my desktop, and I have ALL of the PDFs in one subdirectory on the C: drive of my PC, wherein all the hyperlinks in the workbook (on every sheet) that link to one of those PDFs points to that directory. This is nice because I can copy the Excel workbook to someone else's desktop and copy the PDF subdirectory to their C: drive and everything works.

My boss very much likes what I have done and is interested in making this available to everyone in our group. The issue is that I don't have time to run around copying subdirectories and workbooks to everyone's PC. This becomes an issue since I would frequently be updating and adding new data and corresponding PDFs.

My thinking was it would be great to put it on a shared drive on one of the company servers, but my limited understanding tells me that I would need to go in and manually change EVERY hyperlink that points to PDF in my "PDFs subdirectory".

I seem to recall reading something about using a table (hopefully easy to create and edit) that would allow me to manage this better, but I have no idea where to find out or begin, or.....well hopefully you get the idea.

If any of this makes sense, does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks!