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Default Run or Call a sub from the list of subs in a drop down.

On Sunday, September 29, 2013 10:48:37 PM UTC-7, Howard wrote:
If I have a list of ten sub names in a drop down F1, can I make my MySubCaller run the sub I choose in F1?

This little diddy doesn't work and the scant info I can find to do this leads me to think it is a bogus way to manage the running of ten subs from a single on sheet button.



Option Explicit

Sub MySubCaller()

Dim i As String

i = Range("F1").Value

Application.Run i

End Sub

I found this but I still get an error 400 with:

Application.Run (i)

expression .Run(Macro,[Arg1, , , Arg30])
expression A variable that represents an Application object