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I can't see a file format listed in the "Attach Files" which allows me to attach my worksheet. I apologise if my posts are confusing as a result of inexperience of worksheets so let me try again:
Column A shows the catalogue number I have allocated to the recording (cd's, for example, have a label on them showing this number) When I buy a new recording, either cd or mp3 download, I allocate the next number. This was easy when the numbers were in sequential order but now, after sorting the sheet in alphabetical order of composer listed in column D, the numbers in column A are no longer in sequential order which is to be expected. This makes it difficult to find the last number used so as to enable me to allocate the next to a newly acquired recording. I would like to like to either put a formula in the next A cell which would return this number or find it in some other way.
Win XP PRof SP2 / Vista Ultimate SP2
Office 2003 SP2 /2007 Ultimate SP2[/quote][/quote]