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Default How do I change the default email program in Excel 2007?

What is MSI?

On Tuesday, August 12, 2008 4:28:44 AM UTC-7, Dave Peterson wrote:
Just a guess...

This is usually an internet options choice.

Open MSI
Tools|Internet Options|programs
change the Email program to what you want.

If it shows Outlook, change it to something else, apply the change, close the
dialog and change it back. (A longggggggg time ago, this woke up the setting
for me.)

wretchedcrust wrote:

I recently installed Office 2007 on top of an existing installation of Open
Office. I've switched over email to Outlook and disabled Thunderbird, but
when I try a "Send" operation in Excel, it brings up Thunderbird, not
Outlook. I've searched help and tried to google this, but have found nothing.

Any help?


Dave Peterson