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Default Setting up a word-count inventory for my novel

Hi, as per the title, I'm halfway though my first novel and I would like to automate the process of tracking my cumulative word count.

I have a manual spreadsheet that works for me, but ideally I would like the data to fly from Word straight into Excel as follows:

1. Enter shortened title into Column A (usually the first line of a chapter or section)
2. Enter the word count of that file into Column C

The total will be calculated by the formula sum(c:c).

I'm using Office Starter, so perhaps I need a third party work-around, I don't know. Appreciate some pointing in the right direction.

I should add, in case it's unclear, I'm referring to the word-counts of individual files. I can't seem to make Windows 7 list the word-counts in Windows Explorer, even though there is a Details column for this purpose. So I'd like Excel to peak inside the document file, read the word-count and the title and add them to the spreadsheet as described above.

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