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Thanks for your reply. I can reproduce your diagram, and it is an almost ok solution for my problem

The problem with your solution is that I have to rearrange my data. (I get the data the way I showed it in the picture.) And to rearrange the data I would like to avoid.

Another ok, but not perfect thing about your solution is that I have to change the symbols by hand. I forgot to say that in the beginning, but I would like to have for each category A, B, C a unique symbol. With that I mean over category A is symbol 1, over category B is symbol 2 ...

Do you know how to do that?

Thanks again for your help

Originally Posted by Steve=True View Post
Hi SPi86,

Welcome to the forums.

Of course you can do this

Set up your data like the picture.

Then create a line chart with markers, not an XY chart.

Then Switch the Rows/Columns from the Design Ribbon.

Let me know if this works for you.