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Originally Posted by ricklongbow View Post
Thank you very much. I'm not sure I understand the syntax as I'm a bit new at this. With these actual parameters what would the formula be?

Sheet B (named ZIP_CODES) - 5 digit zips are in cells A2:42742. Ascending sort. Counties are D2:42742

Sheet A (named emergency contacts) 5 digit zips are in N2:2709. Ascending sort. I want to return couties into Q2:2709.

Sheet A actually extends out to CP. Where would I insert the formula? And how do I execute it once copied in?

Pardon my needs for beginners explaination but that is what I am ! Thank you very much.

I am afraid I was not sufficiently precise asking the initial question. Let me restate it. My apologies

I have two single sheet workbooks (seperate files) "contactsexport12282012" and "ZIP_CODES" in Outlook 2010. Both contain columns of five digit zip code values (contactsexport12282012 N2-2675 and ZIP_CODES A2-42742). ZIP_CODES also contains the coordinating county names in F2-42742.

For each contact (row) in contactsexport12282012 I want to lookup the same zip in ZIP_CODES and import the county name into contactsexport12282012 P2-2675 (empty column).

The full filenames a C:\Users\Rick\Desktop\ZIP_CODES C:\DATA\contactsexport12282012.

NOTE - Would it be helpful if I temporarily copy the ZIP_CODES data onto the contactsexport12282012 sheet??

I'm not trying to learn how (right now) as I am short on time. I also need instruction on where to put it and how to execute it. Like I said, I'm a newbie. Thank you very much.