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Originally Posted by mkz View Post
I have 2 worksheets i'm working in

Basically in sheet 2 I have a schedule of payees and which months they need to be paid in. Months are in row 1, payees in column A. Then there are x's in the months that that payee needs to be paid

In sheet one, i have payees listed in a row, along with other info in rows below. Anyway, the point is payees are listed in row form in sheet1, as opposed to column form in sheet2.

On sheet1, I have a drop down list of months. I want to be able to pick a month, and then have it tell me if the payee in the same column has a payment due that month or not. Preferably, it would output a "Yes/No", but it would also be fine/probably easier to have it output "1/0"

I've tried various counts and sumproducts and array formulas, but no luck. I'm thinking maybe it has to do with some of the criteria being listed in a row, others listed in a column??

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


Any chance you could post an example workbook here or email it to me on pubnut @ gmail . com (without the spaces, obviously)?

It's far easier to help out if we can see the workbook itself.