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Originally Posted by cmillls45 View Post
I'm having trouble determining what formula I need, maybe vlookup and sumif together? I've never done that before. I need to get the sum of two numbers in a different tabs but have some criterea. The situation is that a vendor can either pay via check or cash each month. My summary tab as well as my other tab that has the info have all the vendors on them (spelled the same). My vlookup would be by vendor, but there could be payments for 2011 or 2012 (year is a seperate column). I want to sum all 2012 payments (cash and check) by vendor. I don't want to create a pivot table as I want this to auto calculate.

Tab Vendor Year Check Cash
January Smith Company 2012 $100 $200
February Smith Company 2011 $300 $50
March Smith Company 2012 $200 $200

The total on the summary tab for Smith Company for all 2012 payments for the months of Jan - Mar would be $700.

Depending on which version of Excel you're running, you can do this with SUMPRODUCT or SUMIFS.

Although as you have a worksheet for each month a summary worksheet would make things easier.

Happy to help you set this up if you can provide an example workbook.

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