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Originally Posted by Ria Ray View Post
I am new to Excel and am stuck with an issue. I will be thankful if any one could shine some light on the issue.

I have 2 excel sheets: sheet1 : sheet2
Sheet1 has A,B,C,D,E columns with data in them
Sheet2 had A,E,B columns with no data... (sheet2 columns are in the order A,E,B)
Now, when the data is entered in sheet1.....sheet2 has to automatically get filled with the respective columns(A,E,B) from sheet1..... How to I do that...... there are two things which arise already existing data should b filled in to the second sheet..... two: any modifications or changes made to sheet1 should reflect in sheet2 for the columns(A,E,B)........ and also on sheet2, the column has to be grouped according to the column E (lets say that column E has got "usernames".....then all the records on sheet2 has to be grouped according the the "usernames")
Dear Ria Ray, Good Afternoon.

Please, attach a example worksheet here to easier the understanding.

Fill there an example on how do you want the answer at Sheet 2.

I believe that doing this way you will receive a good answer quicker
I hope it can help you.

Best regards,
Marcilio Lob„o
Belo Horizonte, Brazil