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Dave Peterson
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You should be able to open all excel files. The file format changed in xl97,
but hasn't changed since.

(I use win98 and Office XP (2002), by the way--so you could upgrade through
Office XP if you wanted. But you won't be able to go to Office 2003. That does
need a more recent version of windows.)

I guess the next question is: What happens when you try to open one of these

Do you get an error message?

Just a guess, but maybe this link from Chip Pearson's site will help:

george wrote:

Iam running Windows 98 with Word and Excel from Office 97. I can't open any
files created from Excel or Word 2002 SP-2. Is there a way I can open these
files. I can't upgrade to that level because of the level of Windows Iam


Dave Peterson