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I did format the cell as text before I pasted.

After formating the cell as TEXT I pasted.

Prior to pasting the 16 digit number into the cell I formated the cell as

I followed these procedures:
1. Format the cell as text.
2. paste the 16 digit number into the cell
Result = 16th digit converted to zero, displayed as scientific notation.

"thuferhawat" wrote:

I did format the cell as text before I did the cut and paste.
That is what is so frustrating.
I think that the clipboard is giving it a type of numberic and then when xl
gets it it must convert that cell to numberic no matter what you've have told
it to do.

I'll will try to do a paste-special-values but that will slow us down. We
do hundreds of these everyday and this bug in xl is costing us.

Do you know of a keyboard shortcut for paste-special-values ?

"Chip Pearson" wrote:

Format the cell as Text before pasting the data.

Chip Pearson
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Pearson Software Consulting, LLC

"Thuferhawat" wrote in
how do I keep 16 digit numbers as text in excel?
I format the cells as text ahead of time but when I cut and
paste the
numbers in the last digit is converted to a zero and it is
displayed in
scientific notation.