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Hi, thuferhawat;

I was fiddling around with this. Text format showed the scientific notation,
as did General. Number format did not, and there was no need for Paste
Special. Is there any reason this has to be in Text format? I am also curious
about the need to do "hundreds" of cut & paste operations every day. Couldn't
you write formulas to transfer the data instead, and let Excel do the work
for you?

EDIT: I just tried formatting as text before entering the number, and it did
not convert to scientific notation, nor did it convert when I cut it, and
pasted it elsewhere, still no need for Paste Special. (It did let me know I
was formatting a number as text, and that this might be a mistake.) I am
using Excel 2003, so perhaps this is improved from your version.

PS: Paste Special is not available after cut, only after copy. The keyboard
shortcut, or more properly, accelerator, for Paste Special is Alt+es.

Best Regards,

"thuferhawat" wrote:

I did format the cell as text before I did the cut and paste.
That is what is so frustrating.
I think that the clipboard is giving it a type of numberic and then when xl
gets it it must convert that cell to numberic no matter what you've have told
it to do.

I'll will try to do a paste-special-values but that will slow us down. We
do hundreds of these everyday and this bug in xl is costing us.

Do you know of a keyboard shortcut for paste-special-values ?

"Chip Pearson" wrote:

Format the cell as Text before pasting the data.

Chip Pearson
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Pearson Software Consulting, LLC

"Thuferhawat" wrote in
how do I keep 16 digit numbers as text in excel?
I format the cells as text ahead of time but when I cut and
paste the
numbers in the last digit is converted to a zero and it is
displayed in
scientific notation.