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If it completely ignored all the formattings, then what was shown?

I track due dates too, to resolution in term of days before and after a due
to track.

Presented here, is an improved version to what was previously discussed. It
eliminated the condition explicitly written to check whether cell is empty.

Assume due dates in column A.
Condition 1
Formula Is | =AND(B2<"",B2=TODAY())
= Today is the due date

Condition 2
Formula Is | =AND(B2<"",B2-TODAY()<=7)
= Date due in one week's time

Condition 3
Formula Is | =AND(B2<"",TODAY()B2)
= Overdue

If the above 3 conditions are not satisfied (i.e. date is due in more than a
week's time or cell is empty), the default format will be used.
The advantages of this method over the previous one a
1. It allows one more condition.
2. Blank cells are ignored.

The disadvantage of this method over the previous one is that it cannot
differentiate blank cells from cells with due dates longer than a week.


"Niki" wrote:

Dear Max: I jumped for joy when I saw this thread. Alas, following the
directions exactly - I cannot get it to work. I am tracking expiration dates
also. Have formatted my dates as 1/1/2005 - it just ignores all the
formatting I do. What could possibly be wrong. Appreciate any feedback at

"Max" wrote:

Perhaps try this ..

Assuming your due dates are listed in col B,
header in row1, dates in B2 down

Due date

Select col B

Click Format Conditional Formatting
Make these settings:

Condition 1
Formula Is | =B2=""
Leave it as "No format set"

Click Add (this adds condition 2)

Condition 2
Formula Is | =MONTH(TODAY())=MONTH(B2)
Click Format button Patterns tab Yellow? OK

Click Add (this adds condition 3)

Condition 3
Formula Is | =TODAY()B2
Click Format button Patterns tab Pale red? OK

Click OK at the main dialog
Note that you can also simultaneously format
the font colour/bold (in the Font tab), etc
besides just formatting the fill colour in the Patterns tab
xl 97
Please respond in thread
xdemechanik <atyahoo<dotcom
"canman" wrote in message

I'm a Newbie that's been missiled into a job that requires many
spreadsheets to track recertification dates. The sheets are no problem
but I'd like to be able to make due date cells change colour to yellow
if in month of recert and red if past recert date.
Doable????? thanks for any input

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