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Default COUNTIF or not to COUNTIF on a range in another sheet

I have a report over 2 separate sheets in a workbook.

On the first sheet I have my core data, covering approx. 8 columns,
inclusive of date, load number (in columns B and C) and cases (in column H).
On the second sheet I am currently manually inputting the result of data
entered into the first sheet.

The data in columns B, C and H are what I manually input into the second

In this 2nd sheet I have column A with the date in the same format as on the
first worksheet along with column D being the total number of loads for that
date and column E being the total number of cases also for that date.
Unfortunately on the first worksheet I sometimes have dates where no data is
available and put this in as "No Issues", but having used COUNTIF against the
date find that No Issues is being counted, as I obviously have entered the
date into the first sheet.

e.g. of 2nd sheet in workbook:-
W/C 12/09 Total Loads Total Cases Failure Loads Failure Cases
TOTAL 0 0 0 0

As a sample, I had used =COUNTIF(Sheet1!B2:I6,"=12-Sep") against the Failure
Loads for 12-Sep, which returns the correct number, but unfortunately when
going for 13-Sep returned 1, even though it was No Issues, so should be as a

Is there any suggestion to amend the above COUNTIF calculation, to give me
what I require, or something else to do this for me.

Many thanks.