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Hi Andy,
Could do this with conditional formattting as you and Jon say. Would
want to think about it in MS Grump, heck, wouldn't even use MS Grump
unless a shotgun was pointed at my head, and I'd probably get it wrong
even then.

Seems to me that if one has lots of charts across many presentations
that I'd be a whole heap better off by just having a Private Sub that
gets called from a table drivern thing. Sub stays the same always and
the user maintains the Table, in where else some worksheet(s)
somewhere and we just read the variables each time and spit them at
the Private Sub routine. Kinda table driven programming like Rob Bovey
taught me to like and endorse.

Brian Reilly, PowerPoint MVP

On Sat, 22 Jan 2005 15:31:40 +0000, Andy Pope


Depending on the complexity you may be able to use a conditional chart.

Although the data layout technique will work in MSGraph it would not be
dynamic unless you used some VBA code.


Brian Reilly, MS MVP wrote:
I'm about to do this on a project where I want consistent colors by
"Brand Name" and I plan to use a VBA routine and a Select Case
statement on the "Brand Name" text and then apply the correct color
index. You just have to iterate throught the datapoints.

Brian Reilly, PowerPoint MVP