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Default Convert Date/time to date only in vba

I'll give it a try, I managed to get it sorted using a clunky loop to convert
the dates to the decimal number format and then change the cell format to
dd/mm/yyyy, it also allows me to deal with the cells that have the text
<void instead of a valid date from the other tools output, still falls over
as soon as it encounters a completely blank cell but this only occurs at the
end of the imported data ;-)

"Mike H" wrote:


Try this with the range altered to suit:-

Sub stantial()
Dim myRange As Range
Set myRange = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1:A1000") '<======Alter to suit
For Each c In myRange
c.Value = Int(c.Value)
End Sub


"Jonathan" wrote:


I have a dataset I extract from another tool and import into Excel. The
dates from this toolset are in dd/mm/yyyy hrs/min/sec format, I need to
programmatically change this to be just dd/mm/yyyy format in the columns
containing the dates. I've tried looping through and using datevalue() and
just trimming the contents to only the first 10 characters but neither work
for me, can anyone send me a snippet of code to get the job done?