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Default sharing/using/saving Excel 2002 files in Excel 2003

I work in a group where the majority of users are using Excel 2002, so all
our documents are saved using excel 2002. However, I have Excel 2003, when
i open these files Excel 2003 completely recalculates a workbook each time
you open it when opening files of a different version. The files i am
opening are very large and this can take a very very very long time. Also if
i do wait and make changes to the document and save it, other members in the
group who use excel 2002 will have to wait for excel to recalculate the
workbook. What is the best way for people who use different version (excel
2002 and 2003) to share/save/change documents WITHOUT everyone having to
upgrade or degrade their excel version??

thank you