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Default What the heck is wrong here?


Your code allowed me to insert the "." (PERIOD) but as soon as I tried
to add another character into the cell it always kept the "." (PERIOD)
at the end versus keeping it in its original placement location. Any
ideas? I'm pulling my hair out on this one... Please keep in mind this
is a spreadsheet inside of a VBA User Form so its a bit diffrent then
it being a normal spreadsheet. Any help is much appreciated...I am
woundering if maybe someone could help with a code to make the "." be
instered as text instead of a trigger for 0.00 number format?

Gary''s Student wrote:
CALC.ActiveCell.Value = CALC.ActiveCell.Value & "."
Gary's Student

" wrote:


CALC.ActiveCell.Formula = CALC.ActiveCell.Value & "."

This code above does not allow me to properly insert a "." (PERIOD)
after the ActiveCell.Value. The code works fine when there is nothing
in cell and when its not strictly a number. The following formats work

"His tempature was 95.6"

But when the cell contains strickly numbers like 123 it doesn't want to
insert it. Something to keep in mind is the fact that CALC is a
userform with a spreadsheet plug-in feild (a spreadsheet within in a
user form). All I want is for the ActiveCell.Value to stay put and have
a "." (PERIOD) after the ActiveCell.Value. Any ideas? I been trying all
sorts of things but Excel doesn't seem to want to cooperate. Any help
is much appreciated!!