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I want a column or bar chart and need the chart to include each town along
the left side and each name along the bottom and to automatically add how
many Smiths, Jones, etc. in each town. I am not sure if the formula that you
gave me, which includes =Smith, would accomplish that. I need Excel to be
smart enough to figure out that each different name would be a different line
on the chart. I need it to figure how many Smiths, how many Jamisons, Jones,
etc. Thank you so much for your help.

"John Mansfield" wrote:


Given that "Town" is in cell A1 and using this data as an example:

Town Names Members
Rochester Smith 4
Rochester Jones 3
St. Paul Smith 2
Minneapolis Franklin 4
Rochester Jamison 2
Minneapolis Jones 3
St. Paul Smith 2
St. Paul Jones 4
Rochester Barnes 3

Total Smith members = 8 (see formula below)


The number of Smith Families with 2 members = 2 (see formula below)


The number of Smith families = 3 (see formula below)


You might want to look up the SUMPRODUCT, SUMIF, and COUNTIF functions in
Help for explanations.

What type of chart do you need to create?

John Mansfield

"Cindy" wrote:

Column A is Town, Column B is names, Column C is how many in each household.
How can Excel add & tell me how many Smiths in each town and, if possible,
how many Smith families with 2 people in each town. Then I want to chart the
info. How many of each family name by town.