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[quote=Flashyfuture;1093298]Hello VIPS,

I need help on calculating the total Classroom hours separate from the E-learning hours without converting it to a data-table or any related format.

Methodology Hours
========= =====
Classroom 13
E-learning 20
Classroom 14
Classroom 15
E-learning 223
Outdoor 27
Outdoor 34

Classroom (Total) = =Sum((A3:A9="Classroom")*(B3:B9))
E-Learning (Total) = =Sum((A3:A9="E-Learning")*(B3:B9))
Outdoor = =Sum((A3:A9="Outdoor")*(B3*B9))

You have to enter the formular as an array. How? Type the formular but instead of pressing enter, press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.

'Methodology' data occupies the range A3:A9 on your worksheet
'Hours' data occupies the range B3:B9 on your worksheet.

Don't forget, enter the formular as an ARRAY by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter, even when you edit it. The curly bracket ({}) is introduced whenever this is done so your formula becomes:


Thank God!