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Default Hourly calculation

Try Networkdays function in the Analysis ToolPak. This
will return the whole workdays (Monday-Friday) between two
dates. If also can taken into account holidays.

-----Original Message-----
Can somebody help me to get me on track for the

following. To do some
'action-reaction' calculation via a VBA macro I need to

exclude week-end
days/hours out of my result.

Please find below an example with the criteria that

should be taken into

Action date Reaction date Hours without week-end
5/aug/2004 9/aug/2004 ? hours
9/aug/2004 22/jul/2004 ? hours

Conditions to be taken into account a

- VBA macro should exclude week-end days
- Week-end starts Friday after 5.00 o'clock PM and

ends on Monday
08.00 AM

Many thanks for anybody who had already some VBA

experience in this area.