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Default ActiveX Component Can't create object - Any Explainations?


(Please let me know if this is /is not the correct forum;since it
deals with excel programmming ,i thought this would be a good place to
start with.The sitaution that i am attempting to portray is really
vague ,please excuse me for any incomplete data)

Application Aim:-

I have an application coded using vb6.0 and it uses excel to do some
formatting on input excel sheets.This is done through ole automation.I
use late binding i.e

createobject("excel.application") to get a valid object of
excel.Following this line i have a error trapping code reading

if err.number<0 then print error message.

Assume that the above application is in system A.In system A there is
a folder that is shared and mapped as F (any logical drive
names).There is a batch file which calls this application against
input files in the shared folder.The application exists as an exe in a
path inside this shared folder

There are 2 more systems System B and System C, which map drive F to
the shared folder in system A.System A holds many batch files which
call the application against different set of input files.

The situation that i faced is that system A is executing a batch file
and so are systems B and C(against different input files).It may be
possible that some of the input files are common(this stage of usage
doesn't matter as the error occurs much before this.

My problem is that the batch file involving the application(against
one set of input files ) flags the error "activeX component can't
create object error" and exits since no further action is possible.

How is this possible.When i tried to reproduce this situation with no
system B or C connected or logged on with the same user id that was in
system A, i couldn't. There was no such problem.

Is it really possible to throw some light on what is happening.I guess
there is violation of some access (max limit ).The following microsoft
KB article gives vague reason for this ( based on the error


The last probable cause listed seems to fit but i would like to know
how so that i can avoid situations like this.

With Regards