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Ciscokid September 15th 06 01:55 AM

Excel 2003 Accountibility
I am in need of some experts to guide me in my spreadsheet. I am trying to
put an accountibility sheet together and I would like to do this. I have a
subject in A1 cell. that is constant. And I have given B1 a constant value.
Now In cells C1-H1 I will be inserting a daily count. What I would like to do
is put in the count yet I would like for It to total in the cell automaticly.
Example. B1=3 and I insert a 5 in C1 and I would like to have it say 15 and
in D1 I insert a 3 and I would like for it to say 9. Now At the end of the
range of A1-H1 it doesn't have a total. I do not intend to have a total. I am
using excel 2003.I was told to use =A1*3. I would think that that would work
if each cell after B1 is 3 is isn't however. I hope this makes sense.Also, I
know that I also need the steps to insert the formula.

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