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davidrchiu January 29th 10 11:31 PM

Hyperlink in excel...
hi all, i m trying to add hyperlink into my excel...but it is stating..."This
operation has been canceldue to the restrictions in effect on this computer,
please contact your system administrator"...I never have that problem before,
all the sudden i cant get online with that hyperlink in excel!!! can anyone
please help me to solve this problem!!!! Thank a million folks!!!

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Wilbur Chua July 7th 21 08:18 AM

Hyperlink concern!

I think based on the error text that comes out, the issue is not with Excel, but with the administrator disallowing the opening of hyperlinks from a document or a file. There are ways to work around this:
1) You can right click on the cell edit hyperlink, and just copy-paste it on your default browser.

2) You can just use the said excel file on another computer. It should already work to access it that way.

Personally, no 1 is more convenient than no 2.

For more tips on excel and financial models, you can check this out. Hope this helps!

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