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Alex Donnelly February 3rd 14 09:59 PM

Facilitation between Excel & Outlook
I need to find a way to facilitate information between a spreadsheet in excel and information in Outlook Diary.

My aim is to centralise information between the two programs in some sort of program or link, so that information can be shared between the two efficiently.

Can I have some insight into how this might be done?

Many thanks!


Alex Donnelly March 3rd 14 04:19 PM

Perhaps I used the term wrong - I meant to say Outlook Calendar.

I understand that a one-way sync between the two may be impossible, as various online threads have suggested, but there must be a way to, or a program which can facilitate coherency between the two?

Is inserting a command button via rows the only way?

I am currently investigating options with:

Chart Objects
Exchange Server

But if anyone has any insight, it would be utterly appreciated.

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