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TreeHugger1 February 9th 13 01:50 AM

Linking Background Cell Color
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I received some VBA code that will give a value to all the standard background colors for a cell. I then linked this formula to provide a number next to each cell on another worksheet within the spreadsheet (and then setup conditional formating on all of the cells next to the cell containing this formula). I have removed most of the content on the attached spreadsheet, since I don't need it spread over the internet. The basis of this design is becuase I have another person in my company that needs to extract only certain information from this spreadsheet, however, it is too complicated for them to figure out based on the spreadsheet that I use. I am trying to create a worksheet that my peer can open up and get the information that she needs (she needs to know that any certain cell is not completed by seeing that a cell is highlighted a color). You can find the code in Module #2 that references the background color of the cell. And click on the "Manage Rules" under the Conditional Formatting Tab on XYZ cell to see the formatting rules.

I need the background color to change on the XYZ worksheet without me actually modifying the formula on the ABC & XYZ worksheet. I have tried double clicking on a cell in worksheet ABC, but the cell on XYZ only seems to change color if I change the cell color on said ABC worksheet and then double click and hit enter on the XYZ worksheet (or actually modify the numbers within the cell on worksheet ABC). Is there any way to get this done without checking on the XYZ sheet or to create a formula that autoupdates by just changing the background color of a cell and not changing the actual formula within a cell?

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