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Default Cut, Copy, Paste, PasteSpecial grayed out.

Try it again.

If it doesn't work, share what rightclick menu you're trying to reset.

You can reset all the toolbars if you want.

(Saved from a previous post)

The first thing I would do is reset my toolbar by deleting the associated
toolbar file (*.xlb).

Close excel
use windows search to look for *.xlb
and delete all that you find (or move them to a safe location if you're worried)

And remember to look through hidden folders, too. People can have trouble
finding them.

If you can't find your files using windows start button|Search, then you could
use an old DOS command to search and delete/move them

Windows Start button|Run
(to get to the Command prompt)

(to get to the C: drive--change this to the drive that excel is installed on)

(to get to the root directory)

dir *.xlb /s

The /s says to search subfolders, too.

Make a note of the locations of the found files.

And delete/move them.

Then reopen excel and do some minor modifications. Then close and reopen excel
to see if it worked.

If it worked, make your real changes.

If it didn't work, put your *.xlb file back (if you want).

"" wrote:

Adding this command to the immediate window did not correct the shortcut
menu. Items are still grayed out.
Any other ideas?

"Dave Peterson" wrote in message
Sorry, I didn't notice the shortcut problem...

There are a bunch of rightclick areas that you could mean (or do you mean

If you're only concerned with the rightclick that shows up when you're in
plain old cell in the worksheet when you're in Normal view:

Go into the VBE (alt-f11 is a quick way)
hit ctrl-g (to see the immediate window)

"" wrote:

That worked for the Main Menu Bar!
The Shorcut (right click menu) still does not work and I don't see that
the list.

Any idea how I can reset or repair that one?

"Dave Peterson" wrote in message
I'd try this first.

Rightclick on an empty spot on any of the toolbars.
Choose Customize (at the bottom)
Toolbars tab
Select worksheet menu bar
and click reset

And see if that helps.

You will lose any customizations you've made to that toolbar, though.

"" wrote:

Puzzling problem: In Excel both under "Edit" and in the shortcut menu
"Copy", "Paste" and "PasteSpecial" are grayed out.

Just started today.Files are not protected.

These commands work fine in Word and Outlook. Have closed and
Excel. and Rebooted the computer to no avail.

Can someone help me?

Excel 2003,(Office 2003 Pro) Windows XP Pro SP3 Tablet Edition.


Dave Peterson


Dave Peterson


Dave Peterson