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Default How do I sum numbers thru specifying the amount from another c

I'm trying to use multiple criteria in my SUMIF and COUNTIF functions and I'm
unable to figure out how to nest/combine them using the same rationale as
shown below [ =SUMIF(F9:F129,"<="&M2,A9:A129) ]

I want to do something that would be like: and("<="&M2,"="&M3)
but can't get the syntax right...


"T. Valko" wrote:

What does your formula look like?

It should look like this:


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"Lost in Query" wrote in message
I cannot get SUMIF to work for me at all.

I have a Sum Range F9:F129 = numbers
I have a Criteria Range A9::A129=Dates
and I have a Criteria M2 (TODAY)
I want all numbers in the range F9:F129 to be added thus SUM all up to
<=M2 depending on Dates in column A9:A129 but it just comes back with nil
doesn't seem to recognise that M2 is a number (TODAY) and thus it will not
calculate anything.