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Hi Jerry, thank you very much for your reply and references.


"Jerry W. Lewis" wrote:

Excel does not natively offer calculus functionality. Some functions
can be integrated in closed form.
may help identify some of these if your calculus is rusty.

Where closed form integrals do not exist (or where you do not know the
function), there are many methods for numeric integration.
implements a couple of simple methods in Excel. Chapter 4 of Numerical
Recipes in ... goes into more detail in C, C++, Fortran, or Pascal (out
of print). There may even have been one in Basic at one time. The C
and Fortran versions are available on-line
Fortran is probably easier to translate into VBA than C.


Francesco wrote:

Hi all, I wanted to calculate some functions containing integrals using
Excel, but it doesn't seem my Excel can calculate any kind of integral. Any