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Dave Peterson
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Bill Manville says:

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Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 14:53:50 +0100
Local: Tues,Aug 17 2004 2:53 pm
Subject: Linking Manually
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Emma Todd wrote:
I know how to update links manually yet when I go onto
Edit, Links, the Manual option is greyed out - only the
Automatic option is available. How can I access the
Manual check box?

All Excel formula links are always "automatic".
The manual option is only available for other types of links (e.g.
links to non-Excel files or to other applications).

What were you trying to achieve?

If you are using Excel 2002 or later you can specify startup behaviour
from the Edit / Links dialog, if that helps.

Bill Manville
MVP - Microsoft Excel, Oxford, England
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Ps. I hate the new google!

Chrissorr wrote:

Thanks Dave. Definitley have new workbook open. I wonder why, in edit links,
I am prohibited from changing the update from automatic to manual (this is
the radio button). Remember calculation is already on manual.

"Dave Peterson" wrote:

Maybe it would just be faster to open the new workbook. Then the links will
update faster.

Chrissorr wrote:

Thanks Jonathan. Calculation is already turned to manual. What I have tried
is changing the formula in one cell and then copying it down the rest of the
column. I assume that would accomplish the same thing as you suggest. I
wold expect that no calculation would be down, but the link indicator comes
on at the bottom, and excel tries to go to the source to grab every new link.
Somehow, it doesn't want to change the formula without updating it as well.

"Jonathan Cooper" wrote:

What I do...

Go to TOOLS--OPTIONS--CALCULATION and change it to manual. Then go into
FIND/REPLACE (ctrl+h), then type in the old file location, and the new file
location. click on REPLACE ALL.

The go back and turn the calculation back to automatic. It will still take
a while, but it shoudn't take 2 hours.

"Chrissorr" wrote:

I work in Excel 2003. I have a large file with about 3000 lines. It links
to another file that is about the same size (7800KB). I often move them into
new directories or change the file name. I change the source on the target
file using edit links change source. It takes 2 hours to update (I have a
relatively new laptop with 1000mb memory and a 715 processor).

I notice that the update button is always on automatic, and the manual is
grey, so I am not able to change from automatic update to manual. My
computer gets locked up for this time. I would like to change the links more
quickly. Is my problem this automatic update? Why can't I change it to
manual? Would changing to manual solve my time problem?


Dave Peterson


Dave Peterson