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Default "Marching ants" around copied cell

The macros provided by Biff and myself are just manually run macros and
should be copied into a General/Standard module, not event type code which
would go into Thisworkbook or a worksheet module.

If you're not familiar with VBA and macros, see David McRitchie's site for
more on "getting started".

or Ron de De Bruin's site on where to store macros.

In the meantime..........

First...create a backup copy of your original workbook.

To create a General Module, hit ALT + F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor.

Hit CRTL + r to open Project Explorer.

Find your workbook/project and select it.

Right-click and InsertModule. Paste the code in there. Save the
workbook and hit ALT + Q to return to your workbook.

Run or edit the macro by going to ToolMacroMacros.

You can also assign this macro to a button or a shortcut key combo.

I would recommend not using the SendKeys macro.........SendKeys can be a
little flaky. I've never noticed but better safe than sorry.

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On Fri, 16 Jan 2009 19:09:14 -0500, Riccol wrote:

I've never used a Macro before. The spreadsheets I make are mostly just
invoices and ledger stuff for my small (very small) business, no real
complicated formulas or anything, thus I've never tried learning about

So the codes posted to kill the ants are greek to me, I don't even know
where I'm supposed to type them. But I'd like to learn what to do with
them if anyone has the time to explain it.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.


T. Valko wrote:
I use the "Ant_Killer" method!

To the OP:

Do you use macros for anything and if so do you have any of them stored in a
file called Personal.xls?