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Thanks keep it cool, I stumbled on this just before I saw your post.

This is bizzarre!!!

I just opened an email with an attachement. I dbl cliked on the
attachement, opened the file, made some changes and got ready to save. When
I saved it, it was in a folder named OLK22.

When the window opened I saw my file!!! Yipee Yahoo!! I won't have to redo

I knew that this folder existed and that I might possibly have saved the
file there. But yesterday when I was frantically searching, I thought that
when I did the search it would search this folder too.

Does anyone know how this folder may have gotten missed in the search?

Thanks again.

"keepITcool" wrote:

if you open a xls file directly from outlook or IE..
it is stored in internet temp directory...

if you clean up the internet files ..
(maybe a privacy tool you use..)

oops... your xls is gone!

| | keepITcool chello nl | amsterdam

boyshanks wrote :

Julie and Dave---

Thanks so much for your suggestions. Before I posted I had run virus
scan, and also searched every folder for items modified since ____
and words contained in the file. Since the file has names in it, I
picked an odd name and searched on that--nothing.

I am not on a network and what is even more bizzarre, is the file
does not even exist in it's original form; it is like the file never
ever existed.

Thanks again, I just went ahead and redid the work--- AAArrrggghhh!

"Dave Peterson" wrote:

Use windows start button|search
to look for all *.xls
then sort by last modified date.

Or look for stuff
to see if you didn't name the file correctly.

Heck, you could use the advanced search options to look for files
that were updated "last night".

remember to look through hidden folders for hidden files, too.

boyshanks wrote:

I need help desparately. Last night I spent several hours
working on an Excel 2002 spreadsheet and it has disappeared.

I saved it routinely as I was making many changes updates etc. I
opened original file --stuff.xls --- made changes and saved it as
again as stuff.xls. I have done this several times before.

Today, when I go to open stuff.xls, it is nowhere to be
found!!!!! I have done a search, for any file modified since
Thurs and nothing has appeared. I have checked the recycle bin,
this did not go into auto recover nothing of the like. I am just
traumatized, because I have NEVER had anything like this happen

I even thought perhaps I didn't save it as often as I thought, (I
know that I did) but I remembered that I saved it at least once
and I can't even find an Excel file that has been modified since

Does anyone have any idea what could have happened to this file??
BTW, I have prayed, rebooted, run spybot, called witch doctor,
all with no success.

I have never had a file to just disappear with no trace. Any
help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance---


Dave Peterson