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Default Link shows formula instead of content of cell

There are two reasons that the formula should display in both the formula bar
and the cell:

1. The shorksheet is is formula display mode. This is toggled by touching
This this was the reason then ALL formulas in ALL columns would display this

The cell in he column were formatted to Text prior to the formula being
entered. If this is the reason, fix the formats and re-enter the formulas.
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"Gladys83" wrote:

In the same workbook, I created links from one worksheet to an other.
For some of the cells (all in the same column), instead of seeing the
content of the cell, I see the formula as in the formula bar.

For example: In the cell D12 of a worksheet called 'Summary', I want to
make a link to the value that appears in the cell D12 of the worksheet
called 'Revenues - Retrieve'. The result that appears is this one "
='Revenues - Retrieve'!D12 " , instead of the content of the cell D12.

This happens to me sometimes with an other file, which is quite heavy
(15Go) with a lot of formulas. In this case, I fix the problem by
selecting the cells one after the other, I press F2 then Enter. At
times, I fix it by saving the file and when necessary closing and
re-opening the file.

But none of this seems to be working with the file I'm using at the
moment. I closed it, closed Excel, logged off, logged on, re-opened the
file, but nothing is changing.

Other info:
-The file is only 1.34Mo.
-I use the option "manual calculation" and press F9 every time I need
to refresh a calculation or a link
-I use Excel 2003.

Have any of you ever accountered a similar problem?
Many thanks in advance for your help!