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Default How the heck?

You're very welcome... it's refreshing to hear from people who want to
understand instead of just wanting it done!

"Dave" wrote:

Yes, thank-you. I like to understand what I use. Thanks for taking the effort.

"BoniM" wrote:

The Cell function returns information about the given cell, if the info type
(first argument) of filename is requested, the returned info is the complete
path to that cell - for example:

The Find function is looking for the first instance of a right square
bracket in the filename info, which indicates the end of the workbook name,
and returns its character position

The Mid function is therefore taking the location of the ] in the path to
the current cell, and starting in the next position, returning up to the next
255 characters, which will be your sheetname.

Does that help?

"Dave" wrote:

Could someone please explain to me how the following function works?


Many thanks - Dave.