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Helen McClaine
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Carole -- Thanks so much. I knew it was something like that, but couldn't
remember how I'd accomplished a similar task in the past.


"Carole O" wrote:

Try AutoFilter - Select Row 1, go to Data, Filter, AutoFilter. An arrow will
appear at each cell in that row. Click on the arrow in Column D. Ask for
Blanks. Once you get the rows with blanks in Col D, you can copy and paste
them into another spreadsheet.

Hope this helps,

Carole O

"Helen McClaine" wrote:

I'm sure this is do-able within Excel but what formula I should use to
accomplish it escapes me.

Basically, I'm working with a spreadsheet which lists books checked out from
our Resource Center. When the books are returned, the Return Date is entered
in column D.

I want to run a report showing everyone who has outstanding books without
having to go through the spreadsheet, row-by-row, to copy the data to the
worksheet "Outstanding."

Thanks for your help!