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Default Protect (Lock) Cell Formatting ONLY

Which version of Excel are you using?
The cells that you want to change the values you have unlocked with Format/
Cells/ Unlock?
You have gone to Tools/ Protection/ Protect Sheet? The default at that
stage (at least in my Excel 2003) is to allow users to select cells, but not
to allow them to format cells, so that default will do what you want. Did
you change any of the options at that stage? What is your problem having
protected the sheet? Is it allowing users to change format although when
you protected the sheet you have not selected the option to allow
formatting? Is it not allowing users to select cells which you have
David Biddulph

"GraceJean Jones" wrote in
message ...
Thanks for your reply, however, my question was not answered. I want to
able to create cells in a worksheet where users can input numbers, but
change any of the formatting of the cell, such as font style, font size,
color, borders, etc. Thanks again.

"David Biddulph" wrote:

I'm glad to hear that you know how to protect a sheet and how to lock and
unlock cells. You therefore know how to answer your question.
David Biddulph

"GraceJean Jones" <GraceJean wrote in
message ...
I understand how to protect a worksheet, and I know how to "unlock"
cells in a worksheet, so that users of the worksheet can enter
into these unlocked cells. I have a worksheet where all I want the
be able to do in certain cells is to be able to 'put in or insert'
I don't want the users of this worksheet to be able to change the font,
color, font size, borders, etc. In other words, I want to create a
where only numbers can be entered into certain cells, but no changes
whatsoever can be made to the cell formatting of these cells. Thanks
your assistance.