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Default row-based Bar Chart: How to make bars colorful?

Andy, you rule!

Works great, thank you! I have chosen 2nd solution because in the first one
(plot series by columns) I needed to make sure series names (column headers)
would still show as labels to the left of vertical axle...

I am posting new question though, regarding a macro, associated with a check

"Andy Pope" wrote:


Two ways. Change the series to be plotted by Columns. Right click chart and
pick Source Data.
On the Data Range tab select Series In: Columns. This will make each data
point a series.

The other way is the select the series and on the Format dialog select the
Options Tab. On there is the choice to ' Vary color by point'

To manually change a single data points fill colour you can select the
series, pause and then select the specific point. When you format the point
only that point is effected.



Andy Pope, Microsoft MVP - Excel
"Naum" wrote in message
I have a Bar Chart based on a single row. Each bar represents a value in a
cell in that row. When I mouseover a bar they all show same series name
but different points (columns). All bars are same color. How do I make
different when it is all one series? When I change color for that series,
bars switch to selected color...

Thank you