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I saw your posintg because I needed to do something similar - found that
there is a list of allowances when you protect the document which you can
check off - one of them is "Edit Objects" - when this is selected, the Insert
Picture is still grayed out, but you can open the picture you want in any
other program, select it, copy it, and can come back to
your spreadsheet and paste it - the paste action is allowed as long as the
"Edit Objects" is designated within the Protection options -

"mckee" wrote:

Hello - I was asked to "pretty up" an Excel invoice for work and need to
place a JPEG into the file. I know I can't insert a picture into the
header/footer with Excel 2002, but can't I just insert it into the body of
the file? In Excel Help it simply says to click on Insert Picture, but for
some reason the Insert Picture option is ALWAYS greyed out. Any suggestions?
I would REALLY appreciate it!