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put the cursor in the cell you want then Insert page break

"Edward Letendre" wrote:

I have a question for the experts in excel. At the company where I am
working, a user has setup an excel spreadsheet with page breaks, that
separate the data from page to page. That is fine and dandy.

The user now wants to add a new page break to begin a new page. The current
page breaks run from cell A1 to say cell k25 and continue down, page by page.
The last page is page 45 and I need to insert page 46, page 47, etc. as the
data in the spreadsheet grows. Can someone please give me the exact
instructions as to add a new series of pages or really page breaks to
continue the numbering. I beleve that each page is configured exactly the
same (row and column count per page).

Edward Letendre.