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Try ctrl-~. This toggles between displaying the formula itself and the result.

"Frank Kabel" wrote:

some ideas:
1. check the format of these cells. If they're set to 'Text' change them
to<'General' and re-enter your formual
2. Goto 'Tools - Options - View' and make sure 'Formulas' is unchecked

Frank Kabel
Frankfurt, Germany

ocbecky wrote:
I have the new excel program and I can't figure out how to get the
results of a formula to show in the cell instead of the formula
itself. The old program displayed the results! That is what I want,
how do I do that? ie....=SUMPRODUCT(+D3+D4+D5+D7+D8) should be xyz
dollars, not ....=SUMPRODUCT(+D3+D4+D5+D7+D8). ARRRGGHHHHH