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Default How do I set an EXCEL worksheet to print one row of data per page

If you up to running a macro, select the columns you
want to print and run the following code...
Sub PrintEachRow()
'06/30/2005 - Jim Cone - San Francisco, USA
'Prints each row in the selection - skips any blank rows.
Dim rngPrint As Excel.Range
Dim rngRow As Excel.Range
Set rngPrint = Application.Intersect(Selection, ActiveSheet.UsedRange)

If Not rngPrint Is Nothing Then
For Each rngRow In rngPrint.Rows
If Application.CountA(rngRow) 0 Then
rngRow.PrintOut copies:=1
End If
End If
Set rngPrint = Nothing
Set rngRow = Nothing
End Sub
Jim Cone
San Francisco, USA

wrote in message
Hi. I have entered the wonderful world of barcoding.
I want to create and print my barcodes in Excel. So far, I've been able to
do the create part with no problem.
Now, I need advice on how to set up my spreadsheet to AUTOMATICALLY print
one row of data per page. My spreadsheet has three columns of data:
Student ID number, Student ID number in BARCODE format, and Student Name.
So, each printed page will contain one student's data.
My worksheet will contain data for MANY students, so manually entering page
breaks is not an option.
Any help would be appreciated.