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Don Guillett
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Have a look in HELP index for MATCH.

Don Guillett
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"Beachcomber" wrote in message
Your answer looks like it will work, but I have to admit I don't know what

enter to use the MATCH function. I placed my cursor in a blank cell and
typed =MATCH (Project Owner). I received an error message of #Name?

Thanks for your reply.

"Don Guillett" wrote:

assuming you have your name in row 1 of the column, you could use MATCH

in vba you could use FIND
Sub findcol()
Columns(Rows(1).Find("yournamehere").Column).Hidde n = False
End Sub
Don Guillett
SalesAid Software

"Beachcomber" wrote in message
I have a large spreadsheet with several columns hidden. I want to

specific column that I know has a column name of Project Owner. How

can I
determine which column to unhide to see the desired column without

all of the columns? I tried the find feature, but that did not help.