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Default How do I ignore Graphs zero values.


I have done this but in an earlier discussion Andy suggested after doing the
formula you: " Use conditional formating to hide the #N/A". THis is the part
I cannot get to work. Whatever version of N/A I use I cannot fomat it.

"Jon Peltier" wrote:

Use the Is Formula option, and this formula, where the active cell is A1


- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
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"AR" wrote in message
I have tried doing a conditional format on the #N/A but it does not seem to
work. What do you need to specifically put in the conditional format. I
tried #N/A, NA(), N/A ?

"fishy" wrote:

Working thanks - as you said, already tried the first suggestion but as
was a formulae, it still showed.

"Andy Pope" wrote:


That will not work is the cells actually contain zero because by
definition containing zero is NOT empty.

The zeros will either need to be removed from the cells or replaced


Use conditional formating to hide the #N/A


select the chart.
goto tools options and check plot empty cells as any of the three
given there.

"fishy" wrote in message

I have a variety of tables in excel that sum approx 20 sheets but
occasionally these have a zero value.

The graphs link off these tables and show drops to zero on these
How do I get the graph to ignore the zero values.

The source table formula is too long to put an if arguement in.


Andy Pope, Microsoft MVP - Excel