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Default VLOOKUP puzzle ??

Cheers Dave, thats fixed it

"Dave Peterson" wrote:

One way...

=if(iserror(vlookup("FQR",d6:g80,3,false)),"No match",
vlookup("FQR",d6:g80,3,false)& " " & vlookup("FQR",d6:g80,2,false))

Remember that if FQR has leading/trailing spaces in D6:D80, then there won't be
a match.

Anthony wrote:

Hi all,
getting a little frustrated with what I though would be a simple VLOOKUP
formula, so turn to you for help.

Cells C6:G80 are populated with data
I want the whole of column G to be searched for the exact code FQR and when
found return the data in the corresponding columns E and D


the above gives the wrong answer, and if I use the FALSE array, ie to find
exact match, I get the #N/A error,
Can anybody provide the correct formula



Dave Peterson