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Default Summing (or counting) cells until there is a blank cell

I've tried that and I end up with a big mess. Blank rows are inserted, the
subtotal is mixed in with groups below the target, etc.

Any other guidance on subtotals or other suggestions?


"Don Guillett" wrote:

try hightlighting the columndatasubtotals

Don Guillett
SalesAid Software

"Box815" wrote in message
I want to sum a portion of a column until there is a blank cell. The
of cells varies too much to use a bunch of nested IF functions.

For example, I'd like C100 to be the sum of cells C99 and above until
is a blank cell. The first blank cell (working upward) may be C75 (or
and there will be additional values in the cells above the blank cell.

How can I do this? Also, it would be helpful if I could count the number
cells until the first blank cell.

I can reverse the order, that is sum the cells below a cell until reaching
blank cell, but there will be additional values below the first blank

The spreadsheet I'm working on has one day per row and the grouped rows
(days) have between 15 and 25 days in each group. The total number of
is over 200 so summing each individual group takes for ever (I know
because I
tried that)

Thanks for your help.