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Default How do I group alpha numeric data in excel?

But that would include cells with 88 in the middle of the number, including
in the part prior to the hyphen. Where does the 88 have to occur to satisfy
the OP's criterion? Does -8855 count? If not, and only -88 at the end
counts, then you may want to choose "ends with -88". If your bulk 88 can
occur anywhere within the part after the hyphen, the the easiest option
might be Data/ Text to Columns, using the hyphen as a delimiter, & then use
Biff's "contains 88" filter criterion on the second column.
David Biddulph

"Biff" wrote in message
AutoFilter should work.

Select Custom
Contains 88


"SlickOilSales" wrote in message
sI have been tasked with taking customer data and reviewing the minimum
threshold for all of our bulk oil products. The spreadsheet contain
15 columns and 30,000 rows of data. The data I am particularly interested
contains product codes. At the end of every alpha numeric code is a
type descriptor. I need to have the ablility to select only the data
contianing the bulk descriptor. The codes look like: 98GN45-88,
4578Q8-49. Our bulk descriptor is the 88. I have tried numerous ways to
the lists select only the bulk data with no success. I am think about
creating a custom filter using all the bulk codes, of which there are
probably 50. I'm not even sure that is possible or will work. Is there a
simple solution?