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Default Array formulas and braces { }

"Also, try it without Ctrl-Shift-Enter."

I hope this is just a suggestion to experiment and see the different results
between an array formula (C+S+E) and a "regular" formula (without C+S+E).

I hope Bob is not saying that without C+S+E we will get 2 and 4.

I have been playing with the formulas and {} quite a bit and I don't want to
confuse myself anymore than I should.

The conclusion of my findings is the following.

Array formula with the braces: result = 2 and 4

A formula without the braces: result = 2

I have verified that the information in Help is correct. You know,
sometimes Help is wrong and I think I have just found a situation to
substantiate my claim. I am going to start a new thread. If someone backs
me up, then I'll submit my findings to MS.

Thank you for your attention.


"Ragdyer" wrote in message
Am I missing something?

How do you get 2 and 4 returned without CSE?



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"Bob Phillips" wrote in message
The inner array is an array constant, and is required as it is not the

formula that is an array, but just those values. INDEX expects an array

values, so if hard-coding them you need to tell Excel.

Also, try it without Ctrl-Shift-Enter.


Bob Phillips

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"Epinn" wrote in message
I have no problem entering the following array formula, but I still

some questions.


I understand that the { } for array formulas are included by pressing
Ctrl+Shift+Enter. That was what I did with the OUTER braces (the ones
enclosing the entire formula); no problem.

For the INNER braces (the ones around 1,2;3,4), I thought I had to use
Ctrl+Shift+Enter. But of course I couldn't and had to key in the { }
MANUALLY. The system won't accept ( ) in the place of { }. Guess we

use { } to indicate an array but no need to use Ctrl+Shift+Enter when

an array and NOT an array FORMULA.

Am I right? I **was** quite confused as to when to use

when to key in the { } manually.

There is quite a bit of trick to enter the above formula. I did the

Position my cursor in A1 and key in MANUALLY =INDEX({1,2;3,4},0,2)

Press enter. Select A1 **and A2**, press F2, press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
(Note: A2 is a blank cell.)

The outer braces will now be displayed as part of the formula.

A1 shows: 2
A2 shows: 4

Appreciate clarification on keying in the { }.